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What is Rock Township Paramedic Association Community Outreach? 

Rock Township Paramedic Association is comprised of Rock Township Paramedics and community volunteers. Our employee's feel a strong sense of dedication to their community. Our goal is to facilitate improved interaction within the community in both the emergency and non-emergency setting. For that purpose we will use this platform for the dissemination of news and information that is pertinent to the residents and visitors of Arnold, Barnhart, Fenton, Imperial, and Kimmswick. We are now a registered non-for profit organization! 

In addition to being a source of valuable emergency information, the Community Outreach will engage in charitable and volunteer projects that benefit our local community. This will allow us to enact our convictions beyond the workplace: the prevention of illness or injury, and the mitigation of it's effects on individuals and their families. For that purpose, we will remain engaged in pursuits that creates a better community for all of us to live in.

In spring 2016, Rock Township Paramedic Association hosted its first Safety Fair. It was a true success. More than 50 local children received free custom fitted bicycle helmets. Paramedics helped teach community members hands only CPR as well as the Heimlich maneuver. Other educational booths were available for information regarding prescription drug disposal as well as other local entity information. These simple teaching moments empower our community members with the knowledge to help each other and their families in true times of need.

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